World Peace Day: Nigerians Urges To Embrace Dialogue In Conflict Resolutions - Omokaro - FIRST AWARENESS


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

World Peace Day: Nigerians Urges To Embrace Dialogue In Conflict Resolutions - Omokaro


By Our Reporter

The president of a civil society organization l(Faculty of Peace Organization)  Comrade Kelly Omokaro has urged Nigerians  to embrace dialogue to resolve  their grivancies rather than engaging in any act capable of causing unecessary crisis .
Omokaro made the remark on the occasion of this year’s International day of peace.

He as well suggested  arbitration as another good option to conflict resolution rather than devoting their precious time in act of violence  and all form of practices capable of causing disorderliness in the society.

“There is no amount of time that would be dedicated for peace that would be too much. Peace is everything, and everything is peace,” he stated.

Comrade Omokaro said his organization has helped in promoting peaceful co-existence among Nigerians in many ways to include:

"Advocating for dialogue process to resolve issues as quickly as possible by advising government to do the needful, i.e. listen to the people when they are crying.

"Through intervention for people locked up in police cell, who probably do not have people to take up their case and ensure they get bail without paying a dime; as bail is free.
“Most time they may want to look for big money for bail, they would say go and bring 500,000 naira. And this people don’t have such money.

”By the time you detain them for so long, yes, they may look for ways to pay the money but if they eventually pay, they would have grievances in their heart towards the police force.

“Such a person when they have access to gun tomorrow they can blow up a police skull within a given time.

“When you rescue such a person you secure justice; the justice is for both the police and the victims. And once you regain your freedom; your freedom is total”, he said.

Comrade Omokaro cited intervention in community dispute in the areas of land and other issues as another means his organization is using to promote peace.

He also made mention of protesting against some policies of government as a way of making peace in the country.

“For instance, government wants to make harsh policies that would affect the people. We quickly rally round with other civil society organizations. We protest against such policies and government suspends the policies“. he observed.

He referred to protests against land use act, bogus pension for some ex-governors and issue of land grabbing as some areas his organization has helped to secure peace.

Speaking further, comrade Omokaro observed that part of what causes insecurity is when people are not treated fairly.
“You give appointment to some segment of the society and you neglect others, these are parts of what is causing insecurity.

“There is no way you can resolve or manage crisis like that of IPOB and Oduduwa nation that we already have, without recourse to dialogue”, comrade Omokaro noted.

He expressed optimism that agitation by IPOB would not last more than one week if government was ready to dialogue with them and attends to their demands, which he noted bothered on marginalization.

Comrade Omokaro also observed that what Sunday Igboho is agitating for equally has to do with resource control, equity and fairness.

He maintained that if all these things are actively taken care of we would have more peace in Nigeria.

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