Mission Statement - FIRST AWARENESS


Mission Statement

Even though, the world has become a global village, some communities are still walloping in obscurity, no thanks to inadequate coverage by the media.

We seems to compound the ugly scenario in the kind of media we operate, which is either elitist or urban based. Thus, the people at the rural setting which form the bulk of the population are denied a voice or means to express themselves.

It is with the intention to get rid of this lacuna, thereby giving voice to the million rural voiceless people that this tabloid came into existence.

As the name implies, AWARENESS is an antidote to ignorance, hence it is our desire to eradicate ignorance and give voice to the voiceless through unbiased coverage and reportage of events which other News media may not sometimes find newsworthy.

We believe, firmly too, that the issues of neglect, marginalization, uneven development et cetera that affect most rural areas due to inadequate media coverage would become a thing of the past as THE AWARENESS would beam them for relevant authorities to see.

It is our desire to focus our searchlight on the Southwest of Nigeria and the global world at large.

You're welcome on board.

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