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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cardiologist calls for adoption of health technologies in teaching hospital to aid care of heart disease

By Our Correspondent

A consultant Cardiologist, Dr.Francisca Olufunmilayo Inofomoh has called for the adoption of health technologies and make it available in teaching hospitals so as to aid the proper care of heart diseases

Dr. Inofomoh made the call during a sensitization programmme in commemoration of the World heart day with the theme:"Use heart to connect"held at  the Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital, Sagamu.

Dr.Inofomoh said cardiovascular diseases are  the major killer disease and nowadays affecting young adults in Nigeria, ascribing it to unhealthy life styles, poor health seeking behaviours and poor funding of the health sector by government.

Harping on the need for the use of digital health like phone apps, wearable device to help stay active and connected to one's heart and as well check blood pressure, the consultant Cardiologist warned the people to be cautious of what they eat, drink and how they spend their most hours of their days.

Inofomoh who disclosed that many myths out are out about the disease leading to over 18 billion deaths worldwide and 80 per cent of the death occuring in low to middle income country like Nigeria.

"It is so sad that when people  generally have heart  problems they listen to others, visit chemist, take harmful substances to the heart unknowingly, do all sort of things before seeking the specialist help"

She therefore warned the people to desist from habitual risk factors like smoking, eating an unhealthy diet, and avoid living under stress.

"No doubt the stress in the country is enormous but we all need to make a conscious effort to help ourselves" she stated.

While advising the young adults against the use abusive substance toxic to the heart, she identified hypertension as the number one risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

"It is a silent killer and doesn't respect age, sex or tribe. Many people have it without them knowing. The first time it strikes it usually devastating with a complication like heart failure, stroke, renal failure etc. Let us watch what we consume,avoid junk foods and stay physically active'.

Inofomoh, who felt concerned that more incidences of the conditions are being reported in all parts of the country and most victims happen to be young people, noted that Cardiovascular disease is responsible for a large proportion of deaths and disability worldwide. 

She however said a substantial number of the increasing global impact of CVD is attributable to economic, social, and cultural changes that have led to increases in risk factors for CVD.

Inofomoh also  implored those in positions of authority to ensure that every community have a clinic with at least a health worker who easily assess, advise and refer patients appropriately, urged government and philanthropists in the society to invest into cardiac care in Nigeria.

" It cost less than 100billion only to fully equipped a cardiac laboratory. We have the human resources in this country; either for general or invasive.

" Let us rise up to this challenge, together we can make all heart healtier." She concluded.


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