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Thursday, September 1, 2022

I didn't Neglect My Consituency - Akingbade Cries Out.

....says,I hold Imeko/Afon People in high esteem

HonJemili Akingbade

By Niyi Ogungbola
A two term House of Assembly member representing Imeko-Afon State Constituency, Hon Jemili Akingbade has reacted to a report in a section of the media that he has abandoned his constituency, saying that the accusation is a figment of its proponents.

Hon Akingbade, in a statement he personally signed, and a copy made available to First Awareness said that, the Imeko-Afon electorates, especially the youths, remain his people whom he holds in high esteem and will NEVER abandon even outside politics.

"The unfortunate incident reported by the blogger was meant to be an interaction with those I regarded as friends, but was taken too far and I had to exit from the group to avoid altercation, though many things happened behind the curtain, but as a democrat, I accept all.

As the representative of my people at that level of government, I can understand our challenges and what we are passing through in this government and the past administrations, the virtuperation is understood, and as your representative, I will continue to engage the government to look into the challenges facing our people and Imeko-Afon generally.

As a lawmaker, I have impacted positively on my people with the little resources available even before I was elected a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly. Evidences abound of my efforts at securing employments for a number of people from this local government, some of whom have assumed the positions of Director and Deputy Director in government Ministries, Departments and Agencies today.

I have not been in the house for fun and records of my programmes and projects include sinking of motorised boreholes in many towns across the 10 wards of our local government;

I also  facilitated the construction of a block of 3 classrooms with Office and toilet at Imeko Ward, already roofed and at finishing stage.

I have donated 20 motorcycles to youths across all wards for empowerment and self-sufficiency efforts. 

"I confess that I cherish the roles of the youths, market men and women, farmers, artisans and all indigenes and residents of Imeko-Afon local government in their new resolve to holding office holders accountable and challenging the government on the need to acknowledge the significance of our dear Council in the affairs of government and arts of governance in the State with the sole aim of ensuring that our constituency attains its leadership roles among the comity of local governments. I sincerely hope that we will not be selective in this exercise but extend it to all other elected and appointed political office holders in the local government.

"On this premise, I pledge to continue to sustain the efforts of our leaders and protecting the interests of our youths at ensuring that Imeko-Afon becomes the darling of all, and the constituency becomes a reference point to all.

"Again, I would like to reiterate that the people remains the fulcrum of development, and nothing can be achieved when there is discord and disunity among our people. While I urge that we remain united in this struggle for a better local government with purposeful leadership, I wish to plead that we play down to the lowest ebb tribal and ethnic disparity but give utmost consideration to integrity, capability and quality of individual in our choice of who leads us so as to fight our detractors collectively and dispel the intent of sowing the seed of discord among ourselves.

"Dear constituents, again, I reiterate my commitment to continue to serve my people deligently and champion our course conscientiously till we get to Eldorado."Hon Akingbade stressed.

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