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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Igunnuko Cult Group Resist Govt.Directive On Registration As Alternative Medicine Practitioners

...Disowns Ajiletege As "Oba"

Chief Dauda Adejola and other leaders.

By Niyi Ogungbola
The Igunnuko Traditional Worshippers in Ogun State has warned the State Government not to listen to the advice to register them as Alternative Medicine Practitioners  saying, such an act is capable of causing Religious crisis.

Speaking to Journalists during their meeting at Ake Palace,in Abeokuta,they jointly vowed to resist any attempt to force them to register under the Alternative Medicine practice law adding,we are not Medicine Practicioners but a religious group just like Christianity and Islamic religions.
Cross section of Igunnuko worshippers

The traditionalists also called on the state government to arrest and prosecute anyone, who goes about parading himself or her self as the traditional ruler of Igunnuko religious worship in the state.

Speaking through Sinaba of Igunnuko in Egbaland, Chief Osanyintola Odunayo, the  traditional religious worshippers, said the warning became necessary and important in order to guide the state government appropriately from mistaking the igunnuko traditional worshippers' activities for alternative medicine business that required to be licensed.

Chief Osanyintola  emphasized that Igunnuko is an ancient religious practice that has being in existence from time immemorial and as such, could be counter-productive for government to be misled by some few "disident members", who want to misadvised government in a bid to form a parallel igunnuko Worshipping union.

According to him,Chief Dauda Adejola led Igunnuko Traditional cult worshippers in Egbaland remains the only authentic association, with Chief Akeem Kareem Ogunrinde as the Secretary in the state.

He said that, the Igunnuko group allegedly led by one Tajudeen Ajilekege, who allegedly goes about town claiming to be the Igunnuko cult's king is not recognized by them as there is no Obaship title in Igunnuko world wide.

He maintained that "Igunnuko traditional religious worship neither have anything to do with any kingship title, nor alternative medicine practice and as such, government should not be misled".

"How come that, somebody will be calling himself a "King" of Igunnuko.No such title in the union. He even said later that he is now "Federal" and asked us to register Igunnuko .

"If we may ask, is there any registration to practice other traditional religions such as Egungun,Oro,Ogun and others.Or must you register as Muslims or Christians to practice. I think the law allow any one to practice religions of his or her choice.There is freedom of association and religions in the constitution.So,why should we be forced to register and practice our religion  Igunnuko"the worshippers demanded to know.. 

"We are not Babaalawos but we are just Practitioners of Igunnuko as a religion so, anybody who want to engage in the act of herbalists should go and join them.
Sinaba,Chief Osanyintola Odunayo 

They however, called on  Prince Dapo Abiodun led administration to arrest anybody that goes around parading himself as the oba of the Igunnuko traditional religious worship in the state.

Meanwhile, First Awareness reports that,the Igunnuko Traditional Worshippers meeting held in Ake Palace was well attended with Chief Dauda Adejola directing the affairs.


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