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Friday, March 18, 2022

Labour Party Berates APC,PDP Over High Cost Of Nomination Forms

...Says it is a plan to favour the Rich

By Niyi Ogungbola
Labour Party has berated All Progressive Congress (APC) and People Democratic Party (PDP) over alleged fixing of exsorbitant amount of money to obtain nomination forms describing it as undemocratic and a deliberate plan to exclude the Youths from contesting elective positions. 

Condemning APC and PDP in a press statement made available to Journalists in Abeokuta, the National Publicity Secretary of Labour Party (LP), Comrade Arabambi Abayomi ,described N20 and N40 millions Naira allegedly fixed  as amount to be paid for  nomination forms as too high that would be out of reach of Nigeria the Youths.

According to him,this high amount is  targeted at Youths to preserve the elective positions for the rich.

"Our Party attention has been drawn to news purportedly emanated from the PDP and APC national head offices with respect to a delibrate and malicious inflation of Nominate fees for some Political offices in their respective parties towards the 2023 General Polls.

"Of course , to every citizen who are well informed in the two - in - one APC and PDP Political Party shared official policy of excluding the poor citizens from the electoral process , it won't come as a surprise that these political parties came out to publicly place as much as N40m and N20m on Nomination forms.

"This tendency with the two - in one APC and PDP political Parties has remained the same manipulative and primitive practice that have reserved and have sustained electoral monopoly for their recurring and ever leading deceitful frighteningly rich political Goliaths.

"The APC and PDP are the masters at political exclusion arrangements .It is now their culture . Haha ?..... N40m to purchase one single form .
Costing nomination forms beyond the reach of the not rich professionals, the youths, the women smells of extortion attitude ". Abayomi lamented.

Abayomi further said that, beside been undemocratic to fix high amount as normination fees, it is also insensitive considering the fact that, most  of Youths who obtained one, or two degrees even,doctorate have remained for very many years with no prospect for gainful employment.

According to him, Youths predicament was as a result of blind and wicked looting of the commonwealth rendering the Nation insolvent and inadequate in all sectors under the Governments of APC and PDP in the last 24years.

"Many people who are interested in politics can't in anyway raise this cost of APC and PDP nomination. One wonders if with this position and development , these deliberately excluded Citizens would yet remain clueless" .

Comrade Aboyomi therefore, called on Nigerians to vote wisely in 2023 by casting their votes only for the Labour Party which he described as focused and committed to the practice of equity and Justice.

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