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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Don't Externalize Your Differences Muslim Cleric Admonishes Adesanya,Wife

Alhaji Isiak Alo Adesanya and his wife Ashiat Adekunbi Adesanya

By Niyi Ogungbola
A Muslim Cleric,Alhaji Yekinni Karerm-Ojo of Temitope Islamic Center,Ibadan,Oyo State has admonished the newly wedded Couple, Alhaji Isiak Alo Adesanya and Ashiat Adekunbi Gbadamosi not externalize their differences but always endeavor to iron things out amicably within themselves.

This  according to Alhaji Kareem-Ojo, will not only prolong their marriage but would also give them peace and joy adding that,no marriage is without it's own problems or challenges.
Quoting from the holy Quran , chapter 4 verse 35, he said "when it becomes reasonable to seek intervention,arbiters should be appointed especially from among the spouses families"

"The Almighty Allah has not left man to grope in dark on any issue.Whenever it appears difficulty and impossible to continue with the marriage the couple could resort to divorce"  Alhaji Kareem-Ojo further stated. 

The Cleric also advised the groom , Alhaji Isiak Alo Adesanya not to in anyway maltreat his wife saying, maltreatment of wife  is against Allah wish and commandments.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said "whoever has two wives and doesn't deal justly between them shall come on the day of resurrection with half of his body falling off"(Abu Daud,Nasai and Ibn Majah).

"Elsewhere,he added....the best among you is he who is kindest to his wife" Alhaji Kareem-Ojo stressed.

He therefore advised Alhaji Adesanya to treat his wife Ashiat well saying," since nobody forced her on you,you must have styuded her very well before you engaged her thus,you must guide her jealously".

On the part of the Bride Ashiat Adekunbi Gbadamosi, Alhaji Kareem-Ojo also councelled her on the need to be obident, loyal,honest and respect her husband saying,you must have styuded your husband very well before you agreed to marry him and you have known all his dos and don'ts.
"Since both of you have known or ascertained the degree of your comparability  that is,ability of the two to live together without problems,then, there must not be complain or fight  therefore,you must  respect  your husband and do all his wishes". Alhaji Kareem-Ojo stateted.

Meanwhile,the marriage ceremony that took place in ring road, Ibadan, Oyo State at Alhaji K.A. Gbadamosi residence was witnessed by many dignitaries to include,All Progressives Congress ( APC) Chairman of Abeokuta North Local government, Alhaja Faidat Sarumi Akintunde and many others too numerous to mention.

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