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Monday, October 4, 2021

Why We Suspend Strike With ‘Trade Dispute Act’ — NARD President

The President of National Association of Resident Doctors, NARD, Dr Godiya Ishaya, has disclosed  why the doctors suspended their strike action, which had entered the 63rd day.

Speaking to news men  on Monday, Dr. Ishaya said it was not like the Federal Government met all their demands, but that there was a stalemate when government invoked the Trade Dispute Act, saying some agreements cannot be implemented if they are not at work.

Also, he said, the decision to suspend the strike was reached after a review of the progress they had made and not based on Nigeria Medical Association, NMA’s advice on Sunday.

The Resident Doctors’ leader said: “There were points that have actually been significantly addressed and there were some that have been stalemated because the government was invoking the Trade Dispute Act on us.

“And the part the government invoked says ‘you shouldn’t pay any remuneration to any employee who has engaged in any form of lockout or strike’.

“Some of the minimal demands were difficult to achieve since they say they won’t pay, as we are on strike.

“One of those was the fact we demanded that some of our members be enrolled into IPPIs and their arrears of four to six months be paid to them.
“The government said they have enrolled them, but they are not able to pay-roll them because we are on strike.

“So they assumed a position that they cannot pay-roll them because we are on strike and without being pay-rolled they cannot get their arrears.
“So that was the stalemate that we had with the government and likewise the issue of medical residency.”

He said the government insisted that since their migration to IPPIS they have not received any salary to verify if they are really the owners of those accounts.

“So we have to give a window so that their salaries will be paid in other to identify their accounts and their arrears will also be pushed into those accounts.

“That was where we felt there was a stalemate that needed to be cleared, “he explained.

The striking doctors have embarked on a nationwide indefinite strike since August 2 to press home their demands.

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