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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Expect A Better Tommorow - Prophet Adeyemi Rekindles Nigerians Hope

Prophet Samuel Adeyemi

BY Niyi Ogungbola

A man of God Prophet Samuel Adeyemi has predicted a better tommorow for Nigerians saying the Country would soon regain her greatness to become a land flowing of milk and honey with the adquate security.

Adeyemi gave the prediction in his sermon at Unification Cherubim and Seraphim Church ,Jerusalem Parish ,Kerikeri 1,Bodeolude,Abeokuta,Ogun State.

According him,all the challenges that are confronting the Nation ,be it famine ,insecurity, corruption and bad leadership would soon become things of the pass with the unceased prayers and more hope in God.

A cross section of worshipers

He quoted from the book of Genesis charpeter 12:1-14,37:1-12 and charpeter 41:1-37 saying,God that changed the Biblical Joseph's tomorrow to better has not changed and He is cable of turning Nigerians tommorow to better. 

Adeyemi who is the founder and the Pastor in charge of the Church also used former President Olusegun Obasanjo's life as example saying, nobody expected that Obasanjo could still be President after he regained freedom from prison.

Adeyemi a.k.a Gbafolorun  said that Joseph brothers sold him to Ishmeeties expecting that it was finished for him,but Joseph dream came to pass and his tomorrow changed for better.

The man of God said such is the life of the Nation ,as he for saw a better Nigeria flowing of milk and honey  with adequate security  and aboudant food if Nigerians could worship God with all their sincerity and trust in Him.

Cross section of church mebers

He also quoted from the book of Chronicles 4: 9 saying,Jabez was regarded as sorrow Child but he cried to God and his life was changed for better saying, Nigerians lives would be changed for better as the Nation future is bright.

"Why are you underrating yourself,why are you thinking that it is finished .You can still become the Nation's President,State Governors, Minister or Senator. It is not yet over for you when you have God and believe in Him the creator of all things" Gbafolorun concluded.

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